At Tiki Tar, we aspire to overwhelmingly change the trajectory of employee and environment. All our future commitments complement our sustainability goals which focus on empowered employees, safe and secure workplace and environmental efforts, where we believe Tiki Tar can achieve the paramount impact.

Health and safety

Safety is indeed a primary function at Tiki Tar. Every single day we are on a mission to ensure that each team member returns home safely. Safety is an empathy-driven mission and we acknowledge the human side of people who work with us and feel responsible for their loved ones who look forward to being with them.

HSSE practices are placed at all plant levels. We invest in programs that train, educate and imbibe safety practices in our team members. Special safety equipment including PPE kits is under the standard provision to safeguard team members.

Apart from specific actions around safety, we also endeavor to provide a healthy environment. Emissions have been reduced to 10% and our goal is to ultimately bring it down to 0% in the near future. At Tiki Tar, our vision is to empower our team members to contribute to a workspace that makes them feel secure. We shall continue to invest in technology and research that will ensure our commitment to safety.

Business sustainability goals

At Tiki Tar, the notion of sustainability is engraved deep within our value system. A well- defined process with strict accountability parameters stands guard to our commitment to building a socially responsible organization.

We have incorporated important steps to meet our sustainability goals:

Production requires energy. We have avoided the use of wood in favor of biomass, a byproduct of various farming activities. This initiative has resulted in thousands of trees being saved. Deforestation is a critical problem in the challenge of global warming and therefore, the topic remains of significance for us.

Environmental pollution is a leading cause of ill health for our times. We have made a conscious choice to contribute to alleviating this problem. With our strong R&D, we have formulated products that are water-based and not solvent- based. The production of solvents results in refineries releasing smoke and pollutants into the atmosphere.

Our constant efforts have seen Tiki Tar building a product range that is 90% water-based. These efforts mitigate carbon footprint and reduce micro-pollutants from the atmosphere.

Renewable usage of natural resources and energy is of topmost priority in Tiki Tar. Our plants have modern rainwater harvesting systems that contribute to a considerable requirement. We have targeted 2025 to be the year wherein we convert all our plants into solar- driven plants thereby reducing our carbon footprint to a minimal.