Building together
a better future

Quality building materials are integral to redefine sustainable living in the future

It is not just the structural importance and constructional behavior, but also the visual impact that form the essence of any building. With a global network and an extensive range of building solutions, Tiki Tar brings innovative construction chemical solutions under the brand name TIKIDAN, to help you reduce costs in the long run and operate more sustainably.

We help you construct your world with best quality building materials

Tiki Tar Industries joined forces with one of the leading construction solution provider, Danosa(Spain) in the year 2014, to form Tiki Tar Danosa India Pvt Ltd. The JV operates under the brand name "TIKIDAN" and brings together, Tiki Tar's local expertise and market presence with Danosa’ s materials science, research and expertise, to the Indian Construction Industry.

TIKIDAN uses innovation and technology proven to deliver quality solutions to projects across India and neighboring countries. TIKIDAN’s extensive range of construction chemicals and building material solutions comprise of Flooring, Waterproofing, Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Sealants, and many more.

Solutions we cover


We provide holistic solutions for all your waterproofing needs from basement till roof

Acoustic Insulation

We promote quality and comfort lifestyle through effective noise isolation system

Drainage and Landscape

Our drainage and protection solutions fulfill your building’s ecological and aesthetic necessities

Thermal Insulation

Our high performance thermal covers provide you comfort living and energy saving at the same time


We provide advanced and easy maintenance seamless flooring solutions for enhancing the aesthetics of residential and commercial floors

Joints & Sealants and Other Products

We enable smoother construction through a large variety of geotextiles, grouting products, floor hardeners, auxiliary products for waterproofing and many more

We are committed to quality and sustainability

Innovation and development are the backbone of our philosophy. We ensure all such research is conducted after a careful evaluation of the sustainable use of resources and the environmental impact of construction works. We take a holistic approach in every step starting from analysis, design, materials till application, ensuring quality and consistency of our solutions from a long term point of view.

TIKIDAN products and systems are certified and evaluated technically by different European and Indian accreditation bodies. They are recognized, through the Harmonized European and Indian Standards and Technical Suitability Assessments, complying with the parameters of quality demands, for tranquility and safety of all type of constructive requirements.

Certifications and accreditations