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Mechanical insulation: The important and economical solution to a greener future

With tremendous increase in industrialization and increase in demand for energy across the globe, mechanical insulation proves to be the most economical and resourceful way of energy conservation and process efficiency. TIKI INSULATION, the Mechanical insulation division of Tiki Tar group manufactures and markets high-quality adhesives, sealants and coatings to enhance the performance of insulation materials and systems.

We deliver solutions to protect the integrity of mechanical insulation

Backed by more than 56 years’ experience and leadership, TIKI INSULATION covers the thermal and mechanical insulation market in the Indian subcontinent across economic and social spectrums.TIKI INSULATION’s product portfolio broadly covers the comprehensive needs of hot insulation, cold insulation and HVAC insulation solutions in various industries. Our competitive range of Sealants, adhesives, coatings and closure mastics, prove as an efficient and effective alternative for customers across multiple applications to ensure durable, high-performance mechanical insulation system across multiple customer segments.

Solutions we cover

Hot Insulation

We specialize in industry leading hot insulation products and techniques to use on hot surfaces especially pipes or hot gas chambers

Cold and Cryogenic Insulation

Our extensive range of cold insulation solutions provide complete protection against moisture ingress and prevention of heat transfer resulting in energy efficient pipe insulation system

HVAC Insulation

With advanced technology and innovation, we offer an array of solutions used for insulating heating and cooling HVAC ducts