Water Proofing


Hydrostop is the new generation polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, consisting of a central non woven, 160 gsm (Minimum) polyester core, impregnated and coated on both sides with layers of APP ( Actactic Polypropylene Polymer) modified bitumen and finished with mico-perforated, heat fusible polyethylene film on both surfaces.


(Proprietary Product)

If a water-bound emulsion is used, it gives more effective results, than any Bituminous waterproofing treatment.


Mfd to IS : 3384 | Packing 20 Ltr Drum

A cold applied compatible primer prior to use of Sealing Compounds or any Bituminous treatment. This is a high penetration bitumen based primer. This primer should be used on all porous or friable substrates, old or aged bitumen surfaces.

If used as a general primer it greatly improves adhesion and durability of subsequent use of Tiki Sealing compound or any bitumen waterproof coatings.

Tiki Primer (OB) is easily applied and quick to dry.


Mfd IS: 1580 | Packing 20Kg Drum

TlKl PLAST is a cold applied bituminous compound having multiple uses for stopping leaks through cracks of concrete roofs, walls, porous masonry, J-Bolts of A.C./G.1 corrugated sheets, as sealants for plate, joints of wagons, coaches and buses. As caulking agent for crevices and vertical joints between steel plates, folded section, wood joints, pre-cast concrete claddings; blocks, underground tanks etc., and as adhesive for rain guards for rubber trees.


(Proprietary Product)

A cold applied Bituminous adhesive for fixing of Bitumen felts.


Tiki Oxidized bitumen comply with International Standards. Tiki Oxidized bitumen has got a range of uses. It can be used in industries as an adhesive, protective coating, bonding agent, electric insulator and structures below ground. Because of their softening point, it shows excellent physical stability, no exudation or bleeding in contact with highly absorptive material and a remarkable resistance against atmospheric corrosion.


(Proprietary product)

A dual purpose Bitumen based paint (anticorrosive) with aluminum finish ideal for use after bituminous water proofing treatment (reflects the heat).


TIKI GARD is a high build two component epoxy coal tar coating giving very good toughness and water resistance. The product performs extremely well in total, partial, or intermittent immersion in salt or fresh water. It withstand corrosive conditions in soil immersion and also certain acidic and alkaline environments.


IS: 1322/ ISI Marked

Hessian based Bitumen Impregnated felt for waterproofing all type of Roofs.