Tiki Tar Industries India Limited shall be professionally managed Indian multinational with customer satisfaction, with main focus on enhancing the brand value. 

We are performance driven, values led. Throughout changing times since 1964, our constant values have inspired us to be the pioneers in business and corporate responsibility. We are proud of our company and are critical to our core purpose of creating products people appreciate.

Tiki Tar is dedicated to excellence through competitive advantages from a comprehensive point-of-view concerning materials and technologies. We aspire to instill highest standards of business values and ethics through our commitment to safety, health and environment to enrich quality of life. Tiki Tar's vision is to continue developing superior products & technologies, while maintaining its position as the most innovative and quality oriented organization in the bitumen industry. 
Our position as an industry leader demands no less.


Our mission is to provide the leadership that will transform the Indian Bitumen Industry. We know our position in Bitumen Industry brings us unique responsibilities. We are committed in creating globally recognized standards with the needs of future generations in mind. A future, underpinned by the consistent set of values.


We are passionate about winning. We compete in a tough but fair way. We are ambitious, hardworking and make the most of our abilities. We are prepared to take risks and act with speed.


We put quality and safety at the heart of all of our activities - our products, our people, our partnerships and our performance. 


We genuinely care for our business and our colleagues. We listen, understand and respond. We are open, friendly and welcoming. We embrace new ideas, diverse customs and cultures.


We always strive to do the right thing. Honesty, openness and being straightforward characterise the way we do business. We have clear principles and do what we say we will do. 


We take accountability for our social, economic and environmental impact. In this way we aim to make our business, our partners and our communities better for the future.


We commit for providing resources and create an environment in which each & everyone can contribute one's best skills, talents and ideas to a never-ending process of improvement and innovation in all aspects of our business.