TIKI WEATHERSTRIP is a self-adhesive tape comprising of heavy-duty aluminium foil coated with bitumen-based sealant under pressure. The salient feature of this product is that it maintains its flexibility at low temperature and resistance to low as well as high temperature.

It is a multipurpose product acting as a waterproofing sealant. The aluminium foil not only provides extended protection but also has a decorative finish. Above all, Tiki Weatherstrip is easy to use, time saving and most economical.


  • Weatherstrip acts as an ideal sealant over joints be it wood, concrete, A.C7G.I. Sheets, Gutters, Pipe and general insulation work.
  • An all purpose sealant which can prevent water leakage.


  • Prior to using Tiki Weatherstrip, ensure that the surface is absolutely clean and dry.
  • For thorough bonding and effective results, apply weatherstrip quick drying primer.
  • After the primer has set remove the release paper, press the required length/width of Weatherstrip, to ensure no gaps or edges are left unsealed.
  • To avoid air pockets, exert equal pressure on the Weatherstrip by means of a roller of piece of shaped wood.
  • Because of its flexibility, it will conform to contours easily.
  • If the weather is otherwise cold. Tiki Weatherstrip should be lightly warmed for better workability.

With period of time, the bond will improve to give full protection against the elements of Weather like rain, wind etc


Is available in 5 metre lengths and widths of 50 and 100 mm.