IS:1838 :PART I:1983 (ISI MARKED)


Engineers & Architects the world over are in accordance that because of seasonal variation in temperature, provision must be made to accommodate the expansion and contraction that invariably occurs in concrete structures such as construction of runways, roads and long span building. Therefore to maintain the evenness of the surface and prevent it from cracking, thereby weakening the subgrade, provisions have been made to use correct Joint Filling and Sealing Compound so as to extend the life of these constructions.

Expansion Joints are thus provided at designed intervals both transversely and longitudinally 18mm or 25mm width between butting slabs of reinforced concrete.

Expansion Joints and it's Functions:

a. Prevents cracking of concrete slabs during expansion.
b. Projects the sub grade by providing a water-tight seal, thereby preventing percolation of surface water.
c. Resists entry of foreign matter and maintains free movement to the slabs thus preventing damage to slabs.

It is therefore universally agreed that Pre moulded Bitumen Fillers must be compressible, resilient and nonexcludable to fulfil these functions.

TIKI EXJO Filler and Tiki Sealing Compounds fulfil these functions admirably.


IS:1838 I 1983.1t is a pre moulded fibre board impregnated with bituminous materials to render it durable and rot proof. It is easily compressible and recovers nearly to its original thickness after compression is released.

TikiExjo Filler is available in thicknesses of 12mm,18mm and 25mm & in dimensions of1.22m x 1.22m.

This joint filler is specified 25mm less in height than the slab thickness and preformed gap is primed with Tiki Primer and subsequently filled with Sealing Compound.