TIKI Drain consists of a high strength flexible polyethylene cuspated core with a non-woven geo textile bonded onto either one or both sides.

The polypropylene geo-textile will filter a wide range of materials and is bonded to the core to ensure that it does not deform into the drainage passages under the action of backfill material. The geo-textile allows water to percolate into the core whilst supporting the backfill material. The collected water is transported along the core to a discharge point

The single cuspated HDPE core acts as a high performance drainage medium, with the spacing between the dimples designed to ensure an excellent support for the geo-textile filter. Optimum compressive strength and resistance to creep ensure that the core will maintain its drainage capacity under a wide variety of compressive loadings. The unique core design has clear passageways to allow flow in all directions.

TIKI Drain is durable and sufficiently robust to resist the mechanical stresses imposed during installation and throughout the design life. Use of TIKI Drain will eliminate the need for further protection of the waterproofing membrane.

TIKI-DRAIN is a light-weight drainage layer with high flow capacity.


It guides redundant water swiftly to the DRAIN.

Specifically designed for use with all anti-root waterproofing membrane systems as well as any torch-applied waterproofing membranes.

It provides uninterrupted, permanent high flow drainage to lift pits, basements, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planter box walls & floors.

TIKI DRAIN is used to collect and control water under landscaped podium decks, terraces or roofs.


High compressive strength studded core accepts structural & traffic loads.

Allows uninterrupted water low.

Reduces hydrostatic pressure build-up behind structures such as retaining walls, basements & foundations.

Reduces the potential for damage caused by movement and expansive soil.

Provides membrane protection to walls & floors in planter boxes thus preventing flooding & deposition of soil & debris on surrounding paved surface.

Easy to install and has an over-locking edge profile to assist with stability of installed drainage systems.

The free drainage structure & the geo-textile layer prevents slit from clogging footing drainage lines, planter box floor outlets & landscaped deck outlet drains.

Provides added benefits in facilitating the protective function of the waterproofing membrane system.