Super Hydro Polymeric Plastimembrane is composed of 50-90 Microns High Density Polyethylene film sandwiched between two layers of Atactic Polypropylene Modified Bitumen Laminated on both sides with 20 Micron HMHDPE film. The rolls are available in weights of 2kg/m2, 3kg/m2, 4 kg/m2.


  • Plasto Elastic
  • Roof movement absorption
  • Flexibility at very low temperatures
  • High temperature resistance
  • Practically no aging


Waterproofing of roofs, trafficable and non trafficable, both traditional and inverted.

Waterproofing of foundations, basements & podiums.

Application System

Super Hydro Polymeric Plastimembrane can be applied fully bonded over a coat of Bitumen Primer followed by a coat of the Bitumen Gr. 85/25 @ 1.20 Kg/Sqm. Super Hydro 310 is then laid over this hot bitumen with overlap. The overlaps are then sealed by torching.

Technical Data

Softening Point 125 ± 5°C
Penetration at 25°C 100g. 5 sec, 1/10 mm (as per IS: 1203/1978) 40 ± 5
Tensile strength 140 N/5 cm

Details about super hydro polymeric plastimembrane

Sr.No. Grade Weight Size
1. Super Hydro-310 2.00kg/sqm 20m x 1m
2. Super Hydro-310 3.00kg/sqm 10m x1m
3. Super Hydro-310 4.00kg/sqm 10m x1m