Mr. Rajesh Shah – Chairman

Mr. Rajesh Shah, a graduate in commerce, has been the driving force behind the progress of Tiki Tar. With more than 35 years of experience in the bitumen industry, he has the ability to envision the bitumen of tomorrow. Acting as the Chairman of Tiki Tar, he has been responsible for handling finance and building strategic plans for the expansion of the company. Operational in more than 9 locations across India for the last 47 years, Tiki Tar is standing tall under his leadership.

Mr. Rajendra Shah – Joint Managing Director

Having experience of 33 years in bitumen industry, Mr. Rajendra Shah has managed to help Tiki Tar gain grounds as top quality bitumen product provider pan India over the past few decades. He has exceptional marketing skills, obsession for quality and innovative instinct required for the development of the new products. As Managing Director of Tiki Tar, Mr. Shah has been responsible for the breadth of products and public relations. His continuous efforts in bringing prosperity to the company can be witnessed through the fact that Tiki Tar has the largest breadth of bitumen products in South East Asia.

Mr. Hirendra Mota – Joint Managing Director

Mr. Hirendra Mota is the Managing Director of Tiki Tar with over 3 decades of experience in the bitumen industry. He handles the operations of all the factories capable of handling more than 2,50,000 MT of bitumen every year. Mr. Mota, a man with sound technical Knowledge and practical thinking, has been responsible for state of the art plants across India. He holds the credit for the successful establishment of the largest and state of the art bitumen factory in India spanning over 20 acres. Also, he has been contributing to the research and development of the bitumen products.

Mr. Hardik Shah – Director

Mr. Hardik Shah holds a Masters degree in Management from London School of Economics. With his excellent managerial skills, he handles Human Resource responsible for smooth functioning of the company. As Director of Tiki Tar, he has been entitled with the responsibility of new business development and strategic joint ventures globally.

Mr. Pratik Shah – Director

Bestowed with new ideas and techniques for running the company, Mr. Pratik Shah is a young dynamic personality boosting enthusiasm amongst the employees towards their work. He is a graduate in Business Management from London. He performs his duty as the Director of Tiki Tar. He has been responsible for looking after day to day operations and proper functioning of supply chain. Under his effective monitoring of the supply chain, Tiki Tar could manage to become an official supplier for benchmark projects across the nation.