The R&D mission is to

  • Invent the Bitumen and Bitumen solutions of tomorrow, developing products that create value for customers and expand the use of Tiki Tar's Bitumen worldwide.
  • Improve Tiki Tar's competitiveness - by developing new and optimising current industrial processes to reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Continuously upgrade Tiki Tar's scientific knowledge and attract technical talent.



To develop and manufacture economically viable Bitumen products which reflects excellence, with a view to provide complete customer satisfaction.  The quality standard of our product and service should result in giving complete value for money for clients as well as foster continuous demand for the product, resulting in sustainable growth of the organization, there by giving impetus for profitability and all round improvement.

Quality leadership is vital to the long-term success of Tiki Tar Industries in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Building quality into our workplace, products and service is essential for a successful future of Tiki Tar and benefits for our customers, employees, and suppliers.

Tiki Tar Industries will work to provide products and services that will always meet or exceed expectations.

Tiki Tar Industries will ensure maximum utilization of available resources in terms of manpower and material.